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When can I start?


Cyber Security for Beginners is designed for trainees who want to start learning cyber security but not sure where to start. There are so many cyber security courses available and there is a lot of talk about different cyber security certifications like CEH, CISSP, OSCP, etc. But which one is for me?


This program provides an overview of basic concepts which will be used while learning cyber security. If you are not sure which training program to choose, this may be good place to start. 


If you have already decided for any of our training programs, these concepts will most likely be covered in those programs anyway (refer the details of respective program). In such case you can either enroll for that program directly or first enroll for this program and then go for the selected one.  


This program is most suitable for those who have no prior knowledge in IT security but want to learn due to any of the following reasons


  •  Curious to know what is it all about but not committed yet to learn the details
  • Not an IT professional but believe that having an overview will help in current profession e.g. Cyber lawyer, Banker, Financial Services, compliance manager etc. 
  • Working in IT management and want to learn so that dealing with cyber security team is easier. 
  • Want to learn but not sure if it is worth jumping into it now. This is an opportunity to put your legs in water before actually jumping in the pool