Frequently Asked Questions


We have compiled for you some frequently asked questions below which you mat have and generally people ask us. The answers for these questions are also written. Contact us if you have any more questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to learn cyber security?

Andy InfoSec provides various training programs in Cyber Security starting from 7,800 INR. The duration and fees of the training programs can be found at

Which training program is right for me?

You can contact the counselor for more queries:

Can I have a career in cyber security even if I do not have engineering background?

The demand in Cyber Security is for diverse skills which does not necessarily require Engineering or Programming Background. You can discuss your specific need by directly contacting our counselor. To request a call back from our counselor, click on the link below:

How can I learn cyber security if I am not good in programming?

There are lot of Cyber Security professionals who do not have any programming skills and are still doing good in their Cyber Security careers. So, it is not the necessity that you must be a pro programmer to learn Cyber Security. 

I already have many years of experience in other domain. If I switch to cyber security, will I have

Most of Industry Experience which a person gains is a combination of technical skills, soft skills, team management, dealing with customers and handling various situations. As a person grows in his career in any organization technical skills, tough required are only a small fraction of total competency. However due to a lot of growth opportunities in cyber Security and increased focus by the organizations in the Cyber Security Domain many people are switching to Cyber Security. Organization needs not only freshers but experienced person also to run any department. So many successful experienced people are switching to Cyber Security. 

Is it possible to pursue training at Andy InfoSec without disturbing my job/studies?

Andy InfoSec provides customized schedules and the sessions are designed as per schedule of the Trainee’s so you will be able to take the sessions adjusting your schedule and Job.

What salary can I expect after this training?

It’s a growing Industry with too many opening for different positions. The salary varies as job roll changes. Some of the salary scales can be seen by visiting the below link: 

Does Andy InfoSec provide job guarantee?

Cyber Security is a growing Domain with lot of career opportunities. If you learn the subject well, you can take advantage of this opportunities. Andy InfoSec provides placement assistance to identify career opportunities based on your strengths.