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Flexible Schedule - Enroll Now Learn Later

Need for the offer

As we are facing uncertainty due to lock down situation, we understand that it is difficult to make a decision regarding any training program. Hence Andy InfoSec is offering additional flexibility in start date of your training. Moreover you also get discount when you enroll for any of our training program.

Limited period Offer

Offer available for limited period only and will be discontinued without prior notice

Terms and Conditions

  1. Appointment with Admission counselor not  available but possible on call only. 
  2. Once you choose your training program, you enroll on Andyinfosec.com/enroll-now 
  3. The payment modes will be displayed after successful enrollment but offer applicable for online payment only
  4. You do not need to pay full fees now but only partial payment with amount of your choice. 
  5. You will be entitled to equal amount of discount (maximum discount will be 30% of course fees) 
  6. You can choose the start date anytime within 6 months from date of enrollment 
  7. Pay the balance amount (after applying discount) when you choose to start the training.

Contact Us

For any clarifications or to request a call back contact us by clicking below

Already in Cyber Security? You may qualify for discount!

Up to 10% discount if you are already in cyber security domain

This discount is applicable on all training programs at Andy InfoSec except "Cyber Security for Beginners".

To qualify for this offer, at least one of the following conditions must be met. 

Certifications and Training 

  • The candidate must have undergone some training in cyber security either online or classroom course. The candidate may need to clear a test/interview by Andy InfoSec technical team, as advised by admission counselor
  • The candidate may have some recognized certification in cyber security or similar field. The counselor will approve if the certificate is relevant for eligibility of discount 

Working in cyber security domain 

  • The candidate is employed for at least 6 months in cyber security domain. Employment proof/letter from employer may be required
  • The candidate is working as a freelancer/independent consultant in cyber security domain. The profile with relevant experience will be reviewed by Andy InfoSec to evaluate eligibility of discount

Hacktivity Profile 

  • Must have some good reputation/points on portals like Hacker One, Bug Crowd or similar platforms .
  • Have received  any Appreciation/Swags/Goodies for any Responsible Disclosure Program.
  • Have solved some CTF's and received Private Invitation for any program.

Terms and Conditions

  • Should have met our admission counselor face to face at least once and this discount must be approved the counselor.
  • Should have shared the respective training program link on social media with his comments mentioning his past credentials in this domain and why he chose this training after that and should have got at least 3 likes/comments/shares on it.


Top 5 Discount

33% discount if you are among toppers in your class

Are you a Top Ranker? If you are in Top 5 in your class you may qualify for 33% discount on training programs at Andy InfoSec. This discount is applicable on all training programs at Andy InfoSec

To qualify for this offer, all of the following conditions must be met. 

  • Should be studying in graduation or should have graduated not earlier than 2018.
  • Should be in Top 5 rank in his/her class in at least one academic year during his/her graduation.
  • Must have  enrolled for the training program before applying for the discount.
  • Will need to certify his/her rank in class from the college in the discount application form 
  • The above discount application form will be provided by Andy InfoSec on registered email during enrollment
  • Should have met our admission counselor face to face at least once and this discount must be approved the counselor.
  • Entire offer fees for the program must be paid before start of training.
  • Must have followed  Facebook page of Andy InfoSec 
  • Should have shared the respective training program link on social media.
  • Should have posted his/her intent to join this training program on above social media post and should have got at least 3 likes/comments/shares on it.

For any clarifications, schedule a call or meeting with admission counselor here or contact: +91-9021928862(Call, SMS or Whatsapp) or info@andyinfosec.com

Note: In case you have paid the fees and you do not qualify for the offer due to not fulfilling any of above conditions, you will have the option to pay the difference of fees and continue or ask for full refund of fees before start of training and cancel your enrollment. 


Women who want to (Re)start their career

Launching on International Women's Day

  More than 65% women in India, who take a career break due to family reasons, do not return back. Similarly a large number of well educated women, having a lot of potential, never enter the workforce due to various socioeconomic reasons. 

Some of the main concerns which stop them from doing so include long working hours, lack of flexibility in work timings, work-life balance, household responsibilities and sometimes even lack of confidence due to long gap. 

Andy InfoSec has launched a new initiative on International women's day exclusively for such women. 

 As an initiative for women Andy InfoSec offers following for those who join our training programs. 

  • Flexible training schedule to accommodate your family commitments. 
  • A separate dedicated slot for training where kids can come with you to class.
  • Career assistance specific to your individual situation and needs.
  • Free counselling on work from home career opportunities in IT security domain.
  • Enroll for Cyber Security for Beginners program by paying only 7800 INR. No further commitments if you choose not to continue after Beginners program. You can upgrade it to our other programs by paying the difference of fees only.
  • Consideration for any other specific request depending on individual situation (subject to management approval) 


Terms and conditions:

  • Applicable for regular classroom only at Andy InfoSec premises. Not applicable for virtual classroom mode.
  • Regular classroom with customized schedule will be planned. Some part of the training assignments can be completed from home.
  • Classes will be scheduled on weekdays only i.e.Between Monday and Friday. Weekend class can be considered only in case of availability of slot. 
  • There is no obligation in case trainee does not want to upgrade to other training programs for any reason. No clarification will be asked in such case. However, if you are willing to discuss the reason with the counselor, attempt will be made by Andy InfoSec management to accommodate your concerns. 


Have questions?

For any clarifications, contact us by any of following ways

  • schedule a call or meeting with admission counselor here 
  •  Email your query at info@andyinfosec.com  
  • Call or sms at  +91-9021928862
  • Chat on Whatsapp by clicking button below