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Training Programs

Cyber Security for Beginners

Cyber Security for Beginners

Fees: 7800/- 

10 sessions of 2 hrs each 

Cyber Security for Beginners is designed for trainees who want to start learning cyber security but not sure where to start. This program provides an overview of basic concepts which will be used while learning cyber security. If you are not sure which training program to choose, this may be good place to start. If you have already decided for any of our training programs, these concepts will most likely be covered in those programs anyway (refer the details of respective program). In such case you can either enroll for that program directly or first enroll for this program and then go for the selected one. 

Security Operations Center Expert

Security Operatons Center Expert

Fees: 25000/- 

80 hrs training including SIEM tools hands-on

Security Operations Center is an important and integral part of Cyber Security. SOC is one of the best Paying and interesting field to work in IT. It is assumed that candidates for this program have basic knowledge/experience in cyber security. For a career as SOC Analyst, knowledge of SOC tools and methodology is required along with basic cyber security concepts. In case you want to enroll for Cyber Security for Beginners also, ask for combined price by contacting us at and requesting call back.

Web Application Security Expert

Web Application Security Expert

 Fees: 33000/-

120 hrs practical hands-on 

 Web Application Security Expert is the preferred training program for those who want to learn Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing. This program is designed to provide sufficient practical Hands-on Training along with the related concepts, so that you can have a career as a penetration tester or become an expert Bug Bounty Hunter/CTF/Ethical Hacker 

Certified Cyber Security Professional


Fees: 49500/- 

180 hrs practical training

Certified Cyber Security Professional is a training program for those who are willing to start or switch their career to cyber security. If you are willing to commit your time and effort to learn the details in cyber security and become a professional, this training program is for you.